Sunday, November 1, 2009

2009 City of Oaks Marathon pictures

Shannon and I did City of Oaks last year, and for me it was a lesson in humility.
In 2008 we were running a race (sometimes two) every weekend, thinking we didn't need any rest. It all caught up to me around mile 18 of the City of Oaks course, where it comes out of Umstead park on a long steady uphill. Then the last drops of energy drained out of me, and it felt like my veins had been filled with cement. The last few miles I was only capable of a slow walk, shuffling like Frankensteins monster, with new respect for the marathon drilled into me with every painful step.

So this year, Shannon and I decided to skip the race and volunteer. We helped out at the 30K (18.6 mile) water station, run by the Godiva Track Club. Thanks Aline for organizing it (and bringing the tent)! We showed up late, after everything was already setup. It was about 53 degrees and a steady rain, but it was fun and I'm glad I did it. As people came up the hill out of Umstead park, their faces showing fatigue and pain, I handed them water knowing exactly how they felt. It was hard for me to shout words of encouragement because I knew how hard those last 7.6 were.

Anyway, Shannon took some really good pictures. Which are here:
If anyone wants a fullsize picture please contact her via

Here are some of the favorites:

This guy was in the second place at the 30K mark, but ended up winning.


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