Friday, September 11, 2009

For Sale - Men's Saucony Triumph5 (size 12) - $30

Brand New! In the Box! Paid $80 for a pair, selling for $30!

Buy all 4 pair for $100! What a Bargain!

Why do I have 4 pair of brand new Saucony Triumph 5 (size 12)?
Why did I waste $360 for 4 pairs of shoes I cant wear? To save money! Yes, I am a moron!
When I first started running marathons a few years ago, I wore Saucony Trigon 4 shoes. I went through 3 pair of them, with no problems at all. Not even a single blister.
But then I could no longer get them. I tried a bunch of other shoes that didn't work. Finally, I bought a pair of Saucony Triumph 5, and they were great! Ran 200 miles with no issues at all.
So I thought I would buy a whole bunch so I wouldn't have to worry about the shoes being discontinued. They were selling for like $120 at the shoe store at the time, so I bought 5 pair online for $80 a pair, which was like $440 with shipping. "Look how smart I am! Look how much money I am saving!"
As soon as I hit the "confirm" button to charge my credit card I started to get a weird ache in my big toe. Months later this turned into a crippling shooting pain in both feet. Turns out the Triumph 5 were too narrow for me.

So now you can benefit from my stupidity! If you're size 12 and need running shoes, let me know!