Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 Race for the cure

The start

This race was huge. There were thousands of people on Meredith's campus this morning, most of which came in on buses. Since Shannon works at Meredith, we got the rock star parking right on campus, driving in through the super secret "president's entrance".
Around 2700 people ran the competitive 5K


Godiva Running start participants with Heiko

The ubiquitous Mel Levin

Shannon with her dad Steve

Despite doing a hard track workout on Wednesday, Shannon had her fastest 5K in the last 9 years, 21:20. Her dad Steve did the race in 32 minutes, placing high in his age group. I have been trackwhacked the last 2 weeks, beaten down by the Wednesday Godiva track workouts, but still managed an OK time of 19:47

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