Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 Umstead Coalition 4 miler

The Umstead Coalition 4 miler is a fun run/walk to benefit Umstead park. A lot of people bring their dogs, there is live music, and tents and booths with cool stuff like this seriously evil looking owl from the American Wildlife Refuge.
I had looked at the results from last year and saw a lot of familiar names of Godiva members much faster than I will ever hope to be, and was hoping I could maybe come in 6th place.
I discovered that nobody takes the run very seriously... except for me of course. People had their baby strollers or dogs and didnt want to move up to the start line, but I got right up there like it was an Olympic event. When it started I took off sprinting down the Ready Creek greenway heading into Umstead, and after a few seconds realized I was by myself. I was kind of embarrassed and turned around to see everyone jogging easily down the greenway.
There was a $100 gift card to Great Outdoor Provision Co. for the winner, and I thought "hey, if no one else wants it...", so I kept going as hard as I could.

The race is roughly a mile downhill to the bridge, then about a mile up corkscrew and then turn around at Cedar Ridge. At the turn-around I saw that people were not far behind so I expected someone to pass me at any moment. Towards the end I was really slowing down, and a kid on a bike following behind started yelling "Come on! Sprint it out! I said SPRINT!". I sprinted.
I am glad I did because Brian Foreman was only a few seconds behind me. So I won my third race this year!

Above is Danielle Rowland, who jogged easily to finish first female a minute behind me.

Above is a picture of running dog Ru admiring a stuffed fox. Ru ran the race with Bubbles. Next year I plan to run the race with Dudley Dooright who is a Kenyan in fur coat.

Shannon took a bunch of pictures which are here.

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