Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hash trash (?)

Ran my first Hash yesterday, with the Tar Heel Hashers. For those not hip to the Hashing scene, Hashing combines two of my favorite things, running and beer. Bubbles suggested I write some "Hash trash" in my blog, but I'm not sure what that means. I don't think a guy who gets drunk on 2 Miller lites should talk trash about hashers, so I'll just give a modest recounting.

Shannon was resting her bum hip, so Bubbles picked me up for a ride over there, "Oh, Man. you cant wear shorts". She sent me back in to put on long pants "Your legs will get tore up from the 'Shiggy'"
She gave me a crash course in all the Hashing lingo and nicknames, and warned me that would would be copious amounts of mud, blood and beer.
We got to the "Hare's" house, a Mr. "Sir Cumference", which refers to his girth. A bad pun will sometimes cause me physical pain, but that is a great one. Sir Cumference gave us the detailed instructions on the the trail he had laid, which he said he made very easy and without "Check Backs" because of the rain. A group of about 9 of us headed out in the cold rain. Barbara and Tom where there, as well as a few others from Godiva whose names I will not attempt misspelling. Oh and I cannot forget Bubbles' dog, "Ru", who might be the best running dog I have ever met.
We started out in a muddy field with Bubbles and Ru leading the way, following the trail of lumps of flower and white ribbons. I wasnt dressed for the weather and instinctively ran fast to stay warm. I think I was pushing the pace too much for this being a social run. We lost half the group, who were more experienced and relaxed. About half way, we waited for Halie (sp? sorry) to catch up, "I'm feeling pretty lonely back there for this being a social run". I felt pretty stupid for acting like it was a race.
Sir Cumference took it a little too easy on us, as we weaved through empty subdivisions without much mud or blood
When we got back to the house Sir Cumference had put out quite a spread of food, wine and beer and we spent a lot more time eating, drinking and laughing then we had running, which I guess is what hashing is about. We made plans for meeting up later at Jim and Carolyn's party.
THANK YOU Sir Cumference for a great time, and my first hash. I am planning on many more.

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