Saturday, March 7, 2009

Got Wood

Mandy, Me, Bubbles, and Shannon

Well, I said I would give a quick update on what happened, so to answer my own questions from 6am this morning.

Will Shannon's hip hold out? Yup, no problems.
Will she get a frog, her 3rd plaque? Yup, no problems. 8th place!
Will she meet her goal of 3:55? It was really hot.
Will Mandy really try to run it? Yes, against her better judgement, probably to stop our incessant badgering
How will her first marathon go? She was pretty brave to give it a shot on a bad ankle and little preparation.
Will bubbles cramp up and run the race backwards again? Or a second plaque? Cramping and a plaque! 12 place!
Will I crash and burn again? No crashing but I did burn, as in sunburn. Pasty white cubicle dwellers should not take their shirts off outside. Oh yeah, after 4 tries I finally "got wood".

Shannon and I will put up a better race report in a day or two, but right now we need some sleep.

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