Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chasing the frog

It's 6am, morning of the 2009 Umstead Marathon, year of the frog. I have been waiting all year for this, and I guess I am a little nervous, if you measure by the number of trips to the bathroom per hour.
Shannon's saw a doctor yesterday who said it was OK to run with her hip problem, so she is running. Mandy also decided to run it, her first marathon. So it is going to be a lot of fun.
It is supposed to be great weather, 60 deg at start and 75 by 1pm. A little warm, but I like it that way. I will post again later today to answer the following questions:

Will Shannon's hip hold out? Will she get a frog, her 3rd plaque? Will she meet her goal of 3:55?
Will Mandy really try to run it? How will her first marathon go? Not much training, but she is really fast, with a 1:30 half marathon just a few weeks ago. I bet she scores a frog.
Will bubbles cramp up and run the race backwards again? Or a second plaque?
Will I crash and burn again? Stay tuned...

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