Friday, October 17, 2008

I might be running too many races

So my sister calls me up last week and says, "hey, my friend Laura can't run the Chicago marathon with me, will you fly up to Chicago this weekend and run it with me?" This is isn’t completely insane because I am already training for the Raleigh marathon (which is in 3 weeks). But I have run a race each of the last 6 weeks, including the Triple Lakes Trail half marathon last week, and it feels like someone has pounded my feet into pulp with a mallet. On the other hand I did have a 22 mile long run scheduled on Sunday anyway, so what the hell. My sister has 2 extra bibs so Shannon decides to come too.

So Shannon and I get up on Saturday, run the Autism Ribbon Run 5K (wouldn’t want to miss that), then fly up to Chicago to make it to the Expo before it closes. Ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday in the brutal heat, flew back on Monday, and spent 3 days recovering from a brutal cold. Now I am getting ready for the Cannonball Run half marathon on Saturday.

Of course, next week is the American tobacco trail 10 miler and the Empire 5K, and the week after is the City of Oaks marathon. So in 3 weeks, that’s two 5Ks, a 10 miler, a half marathon and 2 marathons. Too much?